The Science, The Food, & Your Kitchen

Most of us out there appreciate the taste of steak, bacon, or fettuccine alfredo, so you aren't alone. But here's the kicker: science tells us that animal-based foods hurt us more than help us (gasp). Delving into studies and research might help you decide once and for all that a plant-based diet is, well, just plain better for you.

Pop quiz: if the grand prize was a big bag of money, could you walk into your produce section and find a daikon radish without looking at the labels? Yeah (sigh), me either, lol. Don't worry, the plant-based world isn't that hard - there's SO much to choose from, and you'll find lots of foods that appeal to you and your family. After all, no one expects us to eat beet greens and kale smoothies all day...

Plant-based cooking can be fun and simple - despite all the chopping, dicing, and blending. Plus, our soon-to-be released cookbook will help you with instructions on how to food prep for the week while keeping food fresh and awesome. sure to contact us to be added to our cookbook wait list.